Welcome to the Website of BSA Troop 2012

We’re proud to announce our chartering organization: Arcola United Methodist Church. Troop 2012 serves the South Riding area and surrounding communities in Chantilly, Virginia, located in Loudoun County.

Meetings are held Tuesdays from 6:50pm-8:30pm in the Arcola UMC Chapel, also home to the new Dulles South Food Pantry.  If you’re interested in joining Troop 2012, we encourage you to contact us or stop by a Troop Meeting to find out more. Please visit the Troop Calendar to see the exciting activities we have planned.



2018-19 ACTIVITY SUGGESTIONS wanted!!  We need to know what you want to do.  Submit your suggestion online and we will vote on what activities to include in the 2018-2019 calendar at our July Annual Planning Meeting.


SUMMER CAMP on July 15-21 at Camp Rodney in Maryland.


June 12 – Court of Honor
7:00-8:30pm in Ruth Hall (Main Building)
This is our LAST REGULAR TUESDAY GATHERING of the 2017-18 scouting year.  Adults, please bring a copy of your New YPT training certificate.  Class B T-shirts available for pick-up.  Please sign/date the pick-up form when you collect your shirts.  Please only take the size(s) that were ordered for you.

Please continue to monitor your e-mail for special announcements and events over the summer.  Hone your skills on TM Web and prepare for a new website, event registration, and access portal at the start of the 2018-19 scouting year.  Contact data admin, Steve Carroll, with questions.

Miss Gina would like to give a special thank you to Troop 2012 for allowing her the opportunity to be a part of watching so many youth grow into fine young men over the last  decade.  She and Mr. Leonard fully expect invitations to all future Eagle Scout Courts of Honor.



See the Troop Calendar for additional dates like Patrol Meetings, Committee Meetings, Leadership meetings, etc.


24757 Evergreen Mills Rd. / Dulles, VA  20166