About Us

Troop 2012 was founded in 2012 as a charter of Arcola United Methodist Church, with only twelve scouts in the first and only patrol. We are located in the National Capital Area and in the Goose Creek District.

The troop remains an active role in the local Chantilly community, hosting numerous fundraisers and service projects, and receiving recognition on many fronts for its work.

Our Mission Statement

Troop 2012 is a chartered Boy Scouts of America troop with a dedication to enhancing the character and well-being of all involved boy scouts.  The troop will be boy led within a non-judgmental environment which allows young men to learn through the understanding that personal growth comes from an individuals successes and failures.  Developing values such as acceptance, compassion, kindness, service, self-awareness, and confidence will be paramount.  Activities will be focused on outdoor programming designed to foster leadership and/or enhance a bond among boys through teamwork, cooperation, and problem solving.