BSA Forms

Boy Scout of America Forms available here include:

Adult Application

Youth Application


Activity Consent Form

Guide to Safe Scouting

Fundraising Application

MB Counselor Application

Medical Forms – BSA forms A thru C

Multi-use BSA Forms:

    • Troop Meeting Plan
    • The Campfire Program Planner
    • Local Tour Permit Application
    • Troop Resource Survey
    • Individual Scout Record
    • First Class—First Year Tracking Sheet
    • Personal Health and Medical Record Form—Class 3
    • Leadership Transfer Notice
    • Transfer Form (Youth Member)
    • The 50-Miler Program/50-Miler Award Application
    • The Historic Trails Program/
    • Historic Trails Award Application
    • National President’s Scoutmaster Award of Merit
    • Scoutmaster Award of Merit Nomination
    • Advancement Report
    • Outdoor Program Checklist
    • Eagle Scout Rank Application
    • World Friendship Fund Form
    • Rank Requirements