Camping Gear Recommendations

Boys Life Magazine published the following list of… Outdoor Essentials

Below is a Scoutmaster suggested checklist of camping gear (essential items are listed first).

  2. **TENT** – One- or two-man preferred.  This is an essential Item.  If buddied up with another Scout from the Scouts patrol with a 2 man tent – only 1 needs to bring the tent. Three- and Four-man tents are acceptable but not recommended due to weight and size (as boys need to learn how to pack light.).
  3. **WHISTLE**
  4. **COMPASS**
  6. **SLEEPING BAG** appropriate for weather (20-50 degree bag is acceptable) .
  9. **SUNSCREEN** (non aerosol)
  10. **BUG REPELLENT** – Bull Frog is great, because it is sunscreen and bug repellent together and comes in a pump bottle.
  11. **HYDRATION MECHANISM** – Canteen, water bottle, or hydration system that can hold a minimum of 12-24 ounces
  12. **WEATHER APPROPRIATE CLOTHING – For 35-60 degrees temperatures,  layer appropriately – weather is unpredictable.  Spare pants, underwear, socks and shoes are recommended in case Scout needs dry clothes due to bad weather or water related mishap.
  13. PERSONAL HYGIENE KIT – soap, tooth brush/paste, hand cleaning wipes, wash cloth, & small towel can substitute
  14. VAPOR BARRIER – a tarp or Tyvek that fits under their tent, not required, but is recommended.
  15. WATERPROOF BAG – for spare clothing items (garbage bag will work). 
  16. CHAIR – folding chair to sit on. 
  17. Bivy Sack – Not required, but recommended for future campouts. A bivy sack is an extremely small, lightweight, waterproof shelter, and an alternative to traditional tent systems. It is used by climbers, mountaineers, hikers, ultralight backpackers, soldiers and minimalist campers.
  18. Backpack – Hiking internal or external frame pack is preferred but not required. Most items should be able to be carried by the scout in a pack equivalent to a School backpack. Some large items like tents and sleeping bags do not have to be carried and can be stored at the camp site or in the troop trailer until needed. We want boys to learn to pack light  so they can use their Scouting skills.
  19. Handbook, pocket notebook, & pen/pencil
  20. Hat – for sun/tick protection, if desired