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The “DER” is very important to the Eagle process.  This individual will guide you through your Eagle Project.  He/she will meet with you periodically during the planning and execution and work through the ESPG project checklist. Below is a list of Goose Creek District DERs as of August 2016.




Thiede, Ed Ashburn ThiedeE@gmail.com
Keefe, Mark Ashburn MKeefe@nrahq.org
Chagnon, Tonia Sterling BETChagnon@gmail.com
Hess, Stephen Leesburg HessS1971@aol.com
Struder, Kurt Leesburg Kurt.Laing.Struder@gmail.com
Solomon, Deanna DTexasncac@gmail.com
Hayes, Tom Western Loudoun THayes@NVRInc.com
Scales, Brad Sterling msva_tenor@yahoo.com
Johnson, Rodger LDS rojohnson57@gmail.com
Steiner, Alan Sterling gcprogram@verizon.net
Scales, Bobbie Sterling scalesbobbie@yahoo.com


Beginning in 2014, there is a new Eagle Scout Rank process. Below are some important program changes:

  1. Any version of the ESRA prior to 2013 will no longer be accepted.
  2. Use the 2013 ESRA if Eagle Scout requirements 1 – 6 (everything except the board of Review) were completed in 2013.
  3. Use the 2014 ESRA if any of Eagle Scout requirements 1 – 6 were completed in 2014.
  4. The ESRA must be reviewed and initialed by an approved District Eagle Representative (DER) prior to submitting it for records verification.
  5. For records verification, submit only the first two pages of the Eagle Scout Rank Application (ESRA), nothing more.
  6. The Eagle Scout Package needs to be assembled in accordance with page 42 of the NCAC Eagle Scout Procedures Guide.  (see link below)
  7. After the board of review, place the signed ESRA and the Statement of Ambitions and Life Purpose in the front of the Eagle Scout Package.  Please do not place them back in sheet protectors or in the notebook rings because these pages are retained by NCAC and will not be returned.



The NCAC Eagle Scout Procedures Guide provides guidance to Life Scouts and Scouters in the NCAC on the policies and procedures relating to the Eagle rank and to address commonly asked questions and issues. This information is intended to supplement BSA publications. It is not intended to answer all questions. National BSA policies and procedures, as stated in national publications, have precedence over this document.

This document is divided into small, consumable sections for the Scout. The NCAC ARC recommends they read just the section with the information they need rather than trying to devour the whole document.

Eagle Scout Procedures Guide

There is a new version of the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook that is an “expandable” PDF. This fillable PDF document contains new functionalities for this electronic workbook that include expandable text boxes and the ability to insert images in JPEG, GIF, TIF, and PNG formats and much much more.

Eagle Scout Project Workbook 2015

This 2-page brochure was recently made available by the national Advancement Team and is intended for a project beneficiary interested helping a Life Scout with their Eagle Scout Service Project.

Navigating the Eagle Scout Service Project – Information for Project Beneficiaries

The Eagle Scout Rank Application is updated annually so Scouts (and Scouters) need to make sure they are using the most current version. This form is completed when all requirements for the rank of Eagle (except the board of review) have been completed. The NCAC Eagle Scout Procedures Guide (ESPG) provides detailed instructions for completing the application, having it reviewed and initialed by the District Eagle Representative, and then sent to the council service center for verification.

2014 Eagle Scout Rank Application
(Use if you completed any of Eagle Scout Requirements 1-6 in 2014)

The NCAC is required by BSA policy to verify all Eagle Scout Rank Applications prior to the Board of Review. This verification ensures that all the Scouts’ dates, requirements, and merit badges are accurate before the candidate sits for his Eagle Board of Review. This procedure reduces errors in submitted ESRAs and improves the overall processing time at the NCAC. The following document mirrors the procedures in the NCAC Eagle Scout Procedures Guide.

NCAC Eagle Scout Verification Procedures

Before an Eagle Board of Review can be held/scheduled, the ESRA must be approved by Council; that has always been the case. In 2012 however – due to the exorbitantly large number of council-level rejections – an addition was made to the ESPG, requiring a district level pre-validation before the ESRA is sent to council. Recently, there has been an anomalously large number of cases where Goose Creek units have sent the ESRA for council approval without first securing the pre-validation from the Scout’s Eagle Adviser. Any of the Eagle Advisers on Goose Creek’s Advancements Committee can provide that validation, but it’s usually easiest for the Scout to simply go back to the same district Eagle Adviser who approved his project proposal. Please remember to work with your district Eagle Adviser to secure his/her pre-validation of the ESRA, and spare yourself – and the Scout – the frustration and angst of a rejected ESRA. Reminders of how to complete the ESRA can be found on pages 41-43 of the newly-released ESPG. Information on the pre-validation process are on pages 46-47.

CLICK HERE to be redirected to the National online advancement resources page for other Eagle Scout resources and forms.


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