Engineering Merit Badge

Engineering Merit Badge Counselor and Eagle Scout, Mr. Tom Inman, visited our Troop in November 2013. Those attending his meetings received information on how to accomplish the Engineering Merit Badge requirements.  With the help of Mr. Eitzel, and led by Alex, the scouts decided to work together to complete the requirements, just as an engineering team would do.

The final Merit Badge group meeting will be on Tuesday, February 11th from 6:10-6:45pm. Mr. Inman will answer questions, review COMPLETED Engineering Merit Badge Worksheets and sign blue cards.

To receive your Engineering Merit Badge:

  1. Complete the Engineering Merit Badge Worksheet in it’s entirety, prior to the Feb. 11th meeting.
  2. Bring the worksheet with you for Mr. Inman’s review and approval.
  3. Once approved, present your blue card to Mr. Inman for signature.  He will keep the counselor copy.
  4. Take the Applicant’s copy of the blue card to Scoutmaster Miller or Mr. Stripling for signature.
  5. Give both the Application for Merit Badge copy and Applicant’s copy of the blue card to the Advancement Chair (Miss Gina).  The Badge and Applicant’s copy of the blue card will be awarded / returned to you at the next Court of Honor.


At a follow-up meeting on Nov. 26th, requirements were delegated and a presentation schedule was established:
Engineering MB 2

More Help:

Engineering Merit Badge Worksheet

Engineering MB Booklet

Mr. Inman was kind enough to make himself available for questions and for a follow-up meeting. If you need his assistance while completing your Merit Badge worksheet or if you have completed your worksheet and need to submit it to him, please feel free to contact him.