Rank Requirements

New 2017 Rank Requirements

BSA has implemented new rank and advancement requirements effective for all scouts on January 1, 2017.  If you have an Edition 13 handbook, no action is required.  This edition has the most recent requirement.  If you have an Edition 12 handbook, you may cut and paste the Handbook Inserts of the new requirement pages into old your handbook.

Current requirements for individual ranks are as follows:

Scout Rank

Tenderfoot Rank

Second Class Rank

First Class Rank

Star Rank

Life Rank

Cyber Chip (Cyber Chip is grade specific and required for Scout & Star)


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Click image for PDF version





There are six ranks in Boy Scouting, culminating with the Eagle Scout rank. A boy completes the Joining Requirements and earns the Scout badge, but this is not a rank (until 2016).

As a scout advances in rank, he shifts from being a ‘learner’ to a ‘leader’ and is expected to teach new scouts.

  • We encourage younger scouts to go to higher ranking scouts for sign-off rather than to the same adult every time.
  • We allow Troop Guides to sign off for scouts in the patrol they are mentoring and Star, Life or Eagle scouts to sign-off any Tenderfoot, Second Class or First Class requirements.
  • This helps build relationships with the troop leadership and turns their handbook into an autograph book of other scouts’ initials.

A Scoutmaster, an Assistant Scoutmaster or a higher ranking scout can sign off on individual scout requirements.