Scout Forms & Information

This page includes forms for Scouts, Patrol Leaders, and Senior Patrol Leaders. These forms can be used to make an event or activity request to the Patrol Leader Committee (PLC), plan Troop Meetings, create checklists, etc.


Activity Request Form (print version) for proposing an activity to the PLC.

Court of Honor Script (PDF format) for use by the SPL/ASPL during a COH.

Event Request Form (Excel format) editable form for organizing an activity or event, plus event follow-up including service hour record, event pros & cons.


Patrol Meeting Guide & Planner (print version) includes meeting plan guidelines from Patrol Leader Handbook and planning form.

Patrol Meeting Planner (Excel version) editable spreadsheet.

Troop Meeting Planner“>Troop Meeting Planner (print version)

Troop Meeting Planner (Excel format)