BSA is an organization of young men that strives to give its members the knowledge, skills, and life lessons to help them mature and succeed as they become adults. Boy Scouts offers boys a variety of benefits, including friendship, learning, leadership opportunities, and the opportunity to grow and thrive in a healthy, rewarding environment. Boy Scouts developed in American in the early 1900s, when men such as Robert Baden-Powell and Ernest Thompson Seton started organizing groups of boys and teaching them outdoors skills, environmentalism, and civic responsibility. Since then, the Boy Scouts have grown to over one million scouts, leaders, and adult volunteers in America alone. Boy Scouting is popular all over the world, but no matter which country a scout lives in, the basic ideas are the same.

A boy who participates in Boy Scouts can expect to have a lot of fun, work hard, learn a lot, and grow both physically and mentally. Boy Scouts emphasizes both leadership and cooperation. Each group of Boy Scouts, usually referred to as a scout troop, is further broken down into patrols. While the whole Boy Scout troop works together, each patrol works as a team, sometimes competing against other patrols and sometimes working together with them. These basic leadership and cooperation lessons prove useful later in life and translate directly to working with neighbors and dealing with business associates.

Boy Scouts also emphasizes good living and a positive attitude. The Scout Laws state that, “A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.” The Scout Slogan is, “Do a good turn daily.”

These moral values are taught to Boy Scouts and practiced in community service projects. Boy Scouts are often involved in churches and various community organizations in efforts to help the homeless, clean up parks and public areas, visit shut-ins, encourage public safety, and step in wherever needed to benefit the community. Each Boy Scout is required to perform a community service project as part of his efforts to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.

Boy Scouts also offers its members a wealth of useful knowledge and skills. Ranging from wilderness survival skills, camping, fishing and gun safety to photography, graphic arts, and nuclear science, Boy Scouts have the opportunity to learn fascinating and useful information and to build skills and the confidence that goes with them, which will serve them throughout their lives.

Time spent in Boy Scouts benefits a boy in many ways. The friends he makes, the work ethic and morality he develops, the community service he practices and the knowledge and skills he gains will help him throughout the course of his life. Even long after the days in Boy Scouts are over, the man still remembers that he should be courteous and kind and do a good turn daily.