Service Log

This page provides Service Hours tracking information for scout ranks.

Service Log (PDF)                            Service Log (Excel)

For service project hours, consider helping the Dulles South Food Pantry that operates right here in our very own AUMC Chapel.  Or, talk to your Scout and Adult leaders for suggestions.

It is up to each scout to get PRE-approval from the Scoutmaster and record his progress.  We recommend using a separate service log for each Rank or Merit Badge requiring service hours.  Service logs can be kept in the scout’s binder, along with their blue cards.  See guidelines below.

Upon completion of a service project, scouts make a single, total-hours entry in their Scout Handbook for Scoutmaster sign-off.  The Scout Handbook becomes an overview of all Service Hours. Detailed records are kept separately in the Service Project Log.  At the Scout’s BOR, they  bring/show their handbook.  If they ever need details on each line item, they can produce their original logs.

Example of Scout Handbook Entry:

Type of Project Date Hours ASM Signature
Star Rank 02/17/14 6 JAS
Reading MB 02/17/14 4 JAS
Citizenship-Community 02/17/14 8 JAS

Service Log Guidelines:

  1. Use a separate service log for each requirement:  one log for Star Service Hours and a separate log for Life Service Hours.
  2. Scoutmaster must pre-approve and sign-off on the Service Project being considered for rank.  Before beginning your service work, provide the Scoutmaster with a write-up including the following:
      1. Who you are serving
      2. What you are doing
      3. Where you are doing it
      4. When you are doing it
      5. Why you are doing it
      6. How you are providing service and leadership
  3. Each line item in Service Log must be signed by a qualified person within the organization receiving services.
  4. For rank requirements, each line item must also be countersigned by the Scoutmaster.
  5. Upon completing the log for the specified requirement, provide a copy to the Advancement Chair for award tracking.
  6. Keep original in your scout file for future reference.

In addition to rank, some Merit Badges require Service Hours (like Citizenship of the Community or Reading). If your Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) requires tracking and signatures, with their approval, these forms can also be used for that purpose.


For the 2016 Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, CLICK HERE