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Please review the information on this page.  It will be updated as more 2018 camp information becomes available from Camp Rodney.  If you have questions, please contact your camp coordinators:  Steve Johnson and Lax Gopisetty.

Mark your calendars for Summer Camp the week of July 15-21. The Troop is visiting a local camp for the first time, Camp Rodney.  Visit the Summer Camp SUG for additional details.

  • DEPARTURE is 10:30 AM on Sunday, July 15th.  Eat a good breakfast and use the facilities before arriving at the Library. 
  • TRAVEL ATTIRE is full Class A Uniform.
  • TRIP will take 2.5 hours.  We do not plan to stop.  Electronics are allowed for the drive only (not for use during camp).  Snacks are allowed for the ride as long as they are not sticky or crumby – please respect the driver’s vehicles.
  • ARRIVE at Camp Rodney Scout Reservation (RSR) approximately 1:00 PM for check-in.
  • SPEND a great week at camp.
  • RETURN on Saturday, July 21.  Arrival time is tentatively 11 AM on Saturday, 7/21 at Gum Springs Library.  
  • ADULT ATTENDANCE:  Adults are welcomed and encouraged to attend summer camp as a leader.  In order to participate, Adults must:
    1. Have ASM training (Code S24)
    2. Have a NEW YPT certificate, applicable to anyone staying overnight.  If your last YPT renewal was prior to March 2018, you must retake.
    3. Complete BSA Medical Forms, part A, B, and C (which includes a physical with doctor signature)

    The total cost for adult leader attendance at Camp is tentatively $50.  The Troop is determining how much of the cost we can absorb.  Depending on how many adults attend, there may be a second, nominal payment due on April 10th along with the scout payment.

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Parents, please read the information provided below.  A thorough read will answer most questions.  Some of this information is from 2017, although dated, it will be very similar to the 2018 information.  It will be replaced when the 2018 information is available.

The information below is provided by Camp Rodney Scout Reservation (RSR).

  • General Camp Information – 2017 camp info regarding Food Service, Uniform, Trading Post, Special and Conservation projects, Campfires, and more.
  • Campsite Map
  • Daily Schedule – 2018
  • Health & Safety – Swim requirements, General safety, Camp Policies
  • New Scout Program – Brownsea 2017
  • Programs – About the Programs offered and the Program Areas: Aquatics, Field Sports, E/Con, the AC, Scoutcraft, Shooting Sports, Trading Post, & Chapel.  The 2018 offerings will be similar.
  • RSR Driving Directions
  • Special Programs – Brownsea, first year program, Camp-wide events, Crew specials.  Coming soon.

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Camp Rodney is in the Del-Mar-Va Council, just 125 miles away on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  It ‘is located on over 900 acres of rolling upland woodlands at the bead of the Chesapeake Bay and boasts of over a mile of prime Chesapeake Bay waterfront.  Rodney has been in continuous operation since 1923.  Rodney is located in Cecil County, Maryland, near the town of North East.’    CLICK HERE for information on getting to Camp Rodney.  

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Two copies of all forms are required unless otherwise indicated.

  • Medical Form – REQUIRED for all Adults & Scouts must have a physical and doctor signature.  Please complete TWO COPIES of all forms (A, B, and C) and e-mail them to us or turn them in at Shakedown.
  • Medication Permission Form – REQUIRED for all Adults & Scouts.  This gives us permission to administer (or not) Over The Counter (OTC) medications like Tylenol or Benadryl.  If your scout takes daily medication, they may turn it in at the clinic and visit as needed to take their medication.  Attending adults will review who takes daily medications however IT WILL BE THE SCOUT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO REMEMBER TO TAKE THEIR MEDICATION.
  • Jetski Release – REQUIRED for any scout wanting to participate in the Personal Water Craft Program. No scout will be able to participate without this form.  Please note, age requirements will be enforced.  Turn in TWO COPIES at Shakedown.
  • Dietary Needs Form – If you have any special dietary needs to convey to camp, please complete TWO COPIES of this form and turn them in to the Summer Camp Coordinator.

All Scout and Adult summer camp attendees are required to have a physical and turn in a completed Medical Form (parts A, B, and C with physician signatureprior to Summer Camp.  Forms must include month and year of inoculations.  The physical must have occurred within the past year.

**See additional forms below.  Some may also be required.**

Attending Adult Leaders (i.e. all adults) must have a NEW YPT certificate and be registered with the BSA.  Youth Protection Training (YPT) was updated in March 2018 and only the new version is accepted by Camp.  The online course produces a certificate upon successful completion. CLICK HERE to take the YPT online training. E-mail your a copy of your certificate to Gina.  To register with the BSA, please complete an Adult Application and give it to Gina. There is no joining fee for adults.  Adults staying more than 72 hours MUST be registered with the Troop.

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Mr. Gopisetty will register scouts for Merit Badge Classes at Camp Rodney.  Can begin looking at available classes.  Pay SPECIAL ATTENTION to the Pre-Requisites.  Scouts are encouraged to complete pre-requisites before Summer Camp begins.



The MERIT BADGE REQUIREMENTS link provides a complete list of requirements for each Merit Badge. Please look-up and understand the pre-requisite requirement(s).

Signing up for a class in which you do not meet the pre-reqs will result in a partial-blue card.  In this case, scouts will need to contact their Summer Camp Counselor or find another local MBC who can sign off on the Blue Card once the requirements are complete.

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The total cost estimate for summer camp is ~$485, including travel expenses, and is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Payment #1:  $100 for scouts and $50 for adults.  Due January 23rd (hard deadline).

Payment #2:  $355 for scouts.  Due by the April 17th Troop Meeting.

Payment #3:  $30 travel expenses.  Due in May 29th.

Payments may be made via check at a Troop Meeting or online.


If you would like to discuss financial aid or use your Scout Account to make a payment, please e-mail the Treasurer with your scout’s:  1) name, 2) amount to be used, and 3) purpose.


ADULT ATTENDANCE:  Adults are welcomed and encouraged to attend summer camp as a leader.  In order to participate, Adults must:

  • Have ASM training (available online at
  • Have a NEW YPT certificate (updated after March 2018)
  • Complete BSA Medical Forms, part A, B, and C (which includes a physical with doctor signature)

The total cost for adult leader attendance at camp could be up to $125 for the week.  The Troop will absorb as much as it is able.  Depending on how many adults attend, there may be a  payment due.

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